Video Storytelling

The ability to tell a good story with video is a difficult yet important skill for journalists and communicators to learn. Video is not just on TV anymore — you can find video stories online and on mobile devices as well. You’ll work in teams of two for this project. Let’s partner up and review […]

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A Focus on Twitter

A Focus on Twitter: Basics to Understand Before Your Live Tweeting Assignment (Blog Post #6) Know the basics. @username, #topic, and RTs (retweets). Establish a voice. There is a lot of noise out there. To get engaged and get noticed, you’ll need to decide what “face” you want to reveal to the Twittersphere. For @Anna_Rader, one of our […]

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Social Media Management for Journalism, PR, and advertising

Social Media Management for Journalism, PR, and Advertising Content modified from original course content by KRISTEN LANDREVILLE How Social Media is Used by the Big Three Media Fields Social media is for you. The aspiring journalist, sports commentator, marketing executive, advertising director, or public relations manager, all of these fields rely on social media now. You can […]

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Information Visualization

INFORMATION VISUALIZATION: MAPPING First, Why Visualize Information? We tend to start with information and then try to visualize the information. For example, you may be given a story to tell that deals with data, numbers, statistics, etc. Many storytellers would start by looking at the data and searching for a way to visualize the data. […]

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Audio Storytelling

  Journalism oftentimes gives a voice to the voiceless. With audio journalism, you can hear the emotion, hear the ambient sounds, and hear the expressions of your sources. Now, we can do audio journalism online and not just on the radio. Before we learn about the logistics of audio, it is important to first understand […]

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The Art of Gathering Audio

Audio Interviewing Tips Gathering audio that is clean, clear, and crisp is no easy task. This post outlines some hints for you to consider before you conduct audio interviews. It is developed from the hints listed on MediaStorm’s audio training page. First, let’s revisit some of the basic audio terminology we learned from Mike Brown’s Audio […]

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Photojournalism Basics (#3)

Purpose Photojournalism is our window to the world around us. A picture is worth a 1,000 words. The purpose of photojournalism is to capture the people and events that make the news. Photojournalism can supplement a text story or can serve as a stand-alone story. We remember news stories in images because they are powerful […]

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Basics of Photography (#3)

For the next two weeks, we’ll be working on photography and photojournalism. While it is great to have an expensive digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera, it is not necessary for this class. We can still take great photos with our smartphones and point-and-shoot cameras. First things first, we’ll learn about the basics of photography […]

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