Social Media Management for Journalism, PR, and advertising

Social Media Management for Journalism, PR, and Advertising

How Social Media is Used by the Big Three Media Fields

Social media is for you. The aspiring journalist, sports commentator, marketing executive, advertising director, or public relations manager, all of these fields rely on social media now.

You can use social media:

  • To help you create a presence and voice
  • To promote your stories or your products
  • To search for story ideas and sources
  • To network with others in your field
  • To engage with your audience, start a conversation

No doubt, social media is changing our media world. Let’s review some resources.


Just a reminder to everyone: Be responsible with social media use. Journalists, PR professionals, and advertisers should remember to Be Civil, Be Fair, Be Accurate, Be Transparent, and Be Honest. While working in the field, think critically before you post to social media. Talk to an editor, mentor, or colleague. Ensure this content will make your organization proud.

Please choose to review either the journalists, PR, or advertising sections below. Review each link in your chosen section. Write down 3 things that you’d like to share with the class about what you learned from reading these articles in your section.

There are also some helpful hints that could apply to journalism, public relations, and advertising. Keep up to date on these hints for social media at Social Media Examiner. Here are some of the most helpful posts and lessons that I’ve discovered on this website:

  • The 7 Characteristics of a Successful Social Media Presence
    • It needs to be everywhere your customers aresocial-media-icons
    • Social Media Discipline
    • It provokes engagement
    • The Ideal Brand Presence is Trend Focused
    • It is driven by visuals
    • It is human (not driven by bots)
    • It must be FUN
  • 10 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement
    • Create Shareable Content
    • Include a Call to Action
    • Mix Up Content Types
    • Use Facebook Live Regularly
    • Design Video for Viewing With the Sound Off (captioned content)
    • Tyr Instant Articles
    • Change Your Posting Time
    • Monitor Other Facebook Pages
    • Drive Traffic From Other Sources (try using bitly to create shorter links for sharing on Twitter)
    • Embed Posts and Videos on Your Blog
  • 3 Video Storytelling Tools for Social Marketers
    • Create an Animated Story With Adobe Spark
    • Produce a High-quality Promo Video With Animoto
    • Build a Video Ad with YouTube Director
  • 5 Tips to Build More Loyalty With Your Twitter Fans
    • Replace Automation with Honest Engagement
    • Be the One to Initiate Conversation (reply to others first)
    • Personalize Responses With Twitter Video Reply
    • Make Friends, Not Followers
    • Be Receptive to Direct Messages
  • 8 Essential Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy
    • Identify Business Goals
      • (increasing brand awareness, retaining customers, and reducing marketing costs)
    • Set Marketing Objectives
    • Identify Ideal Customers
    • Research Competition
    • Choose Channels and Tactics (don’t waste time on the wrong media channels)
    • Create a Content Strategy (type of content, time of posting, frequency of posting.)
    • Allocate Budget Resources
    • Assign Roles

Recent news about the changing future of Facebook marketing


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