Journalism for the Web (#2.5)

Journalism for the Web Content adapted from original course content by  Kristen Landrivelle  Back to learning how to write for the web… What Should I Do When I Interview Someone? First, realize that your interviews are essential to the story. Without strong interviews, you got nothing! Be prepared: Inform yourself about the topic, source, and/or interviewee. […]

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Welcome to Multimedia Production

Welcome! About Me (Education, Professional Goals, Hobbies, Family) About You (Name, Major, Year, What do you hope to learn in this course?, What’s something fun you did this summer What’s something about you that not everybody knows?) Why This WordPress Blog? We’ll use this class blog to post course materials and students’ work. Course materials […]

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Evaluating Multimedia (blog post #2)

Opening: See how NPR is using multimedia to create compelling stories today. Note: There will be a quiz on this material next class period. Be aware of current events in the news as well. Navigation, Interactivity, and Usability: Ch. 4 Highlights All media-content creators need to think about how the audience will experience and explore their […]

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